For this uni project I created an illustration for decal application on two glass bus shelters in Belmont, for the practical purpose of minimising the heat in summer. The client wanted it to be fun, and to create an engaging artwork for the community. The audience was Lake Macquarie commuters; a wide demographic. Their brand language and font should be considered and the designs should reflect our City story and fit into one of the below themes: natural playground (beaches, lake and forest); excitement or adventure.
Research involved researching the Belmont area, including nature, national parks, state parks and walking tracks. I decided to focus on the natural flora and bring the colours and vibrancy to the Belmont town centre where the bus shelters are located. Further research into specific native plants in that area, and local birds.
I worked in collaboration with Jemima Batts to create the murals. Jem created the birds, and I illustrated the flora. 

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