20 years of Arts for Health
Client – Juliet Ackery Arts for Health Coordinator

A collaboration with Bronte Talbot and Amie Gargan for a student project. We designed the 80 page book for the Arts for Health program at the John Hunter Hospital. Their vision was to share stories from artists and people in the community who have been impacted by and able to engage in this program, through words and photographs. 
We wanted to create a tone of celebration, and bring colour to a book that would be displayed around the hospital. So we chose colourful illustration, with a sense of movement forward and natural shapes of leaves to portray growth. 
The illustration was then taken further to be made into prints for scarves, and badges for people to see and purchase during the book launch event in late 2019.

Concept & Art direction – Amie Gargan, Bronte Talbot, Tara Ainsworth
Illustration – Tara Ainsworth 
Book design and Layout – Amie Gargan, Bronte Talbot, Tara Ainsworth
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