Interactive data visualisation for screen and movement
Refuge(m)e compares the data of the top 10 refugee countries of origin and the top 10 refugee hosting nations. In 'origin', the data is communicated through the visual metaphor of an iris (eye), hand drawn to create the tone of the infographic. The user can hover over the image and see it divide by country percentage. 'Hosting' uses a thumb-print, resembling topographical lines, which uses the same interactive method as origin. I enjoyed integrating illustration as a key part of the interactive design.
The main challenge in this project was avoiding dehumanisation of the people displaced by putting them into numbered categories and 'data'. They are real people, real families and real pain that can't be seen in numbers. In a possible expansion of this project, stories of individuals would be seen and that would help to make this data more powerful. 
This was made in 2018, so data since creation has changed as the refugee situations and crisis' around the world increase.​​​​​​​
(Student project, 2018)
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