an animation and illustration project exploring the rhythms found in many forms.
I created 3 illustrations based off the animation above, they are titled (left to right) 'Giving, Receiving', 'Seasons', and 'Watering Thoughts'. Attached to each illustration is a looping animation, which people engaged with using an augmented reality app. Merging the two fields of illustration and animation is something that truly interests me, and it was a joy to see people's reactions to the 'magic' of seeing the still image move. You can see the animations for each illustration below. 

Video taken by Mylan Chen-Ough, at the University of Newcastle Graduation Design Exhibition, 2019, Festival X

Rhythm is a pattern formed by an arrangement of different beats. 
It is the placement of movement in time.
The word comes from the Greek ‘rhythmos’ meaning ‘to flow’,
and everything has its own rhythm.

You can hear it in music: 
where the rhythmic structure is the same for the harmony and the melody, 
it is the steady synchroniser.

There are biological rhythms
in the systems of our bodies:
heartbeat, lungs,
and cells regenerating.

It’s in the motion of our communication;
giving and receiving,
speaking and listening.

In how you choose to make a cup of tea.

In our mental patterns, habits and ways of thinking.

In the rhythm of seasons which is for the
sustainability of a creation
with many layers.

In the movement of light: the primary
synchroniser of our natural rhythms and daily activities.

Human’s rhythms are malleable,
never rigid,
though often not easy to change.

And rhythms are different for cultures and places,
different for everybody.

Rhythm is the foundation
From which everything grows;
and if everything has its own rhythm it must be possible to pick up on,
and learn to hear.
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